FEATURES : 3rd International Art Expo Malaysia 2009, Urbanscapes 2009 dan KUASA Design Power Asia 09 @ wREGA | RE-COVER ARTIST : Samsudin Abdul Wahab aka Buden | SHARINGS : Louder than words : Leon Lim, our man in New York, Sebiji Padi: Gelanggang untuk permulaan and Yeoh Kean Thai: Commonwealth Art Recidency Award Winner 2009 | EXHIBITION HIGHLIGHTS : “Temple City”, Paintings and drawings by Orissan artist Kishore Sahoo, “Thou Art Women” and “Contagion” | EXHIBITION REVIEWS : The art of recycling the Nando’s way: Aesthetical aspects of sustainable art and Build up in beautiful Queensland | PASSING : Emil Goh | OPINION : My Child is a Malaysian Artist! | OPPORTUNITIES : 10th Oita Asian Sculpture Exhibition and National Art Calligraphy Competition 09 | BSLN PROGRAMS AND ACTIVITIES : 22 ART FOR ALL : Ke’istimewa’an dihargai Nakhon Nayok, Thailand 2-7 Julai 2009.


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